Tara Ruttenberg

Writer, surfer, teacher, yogini, consultant and PhD candidate in development studies. Tara's passions include decolonizing sustainable surf tourism, exploring development alternatives for post-capitalist realities, strengthening infrastructures for peace, and promoting wellbeing economics for good living in harmony with nature.

Tara created Tarantula Surf as a platform for authentic sharing and engaging with new social paradigms for a more beautiful world. A nomad by nature, she lives most of the time at the beach in Costa Rica.

Tara's work has been featured in books like the Critical Surf Studies Reader, at conferences including Surf + Social Good and the Institute for Women Surfers, as well as online and in print with Elephant Journal, The Huffington Post, The Inertia, Sunshine Surf Girls, Yoga Trade, 7 Mares, Desert Jewels, and more.

Read Tara's stories, go deeper with a sustainability or empathic coaching session, or dive right in and join Tara on retreat in Costa Rica.  

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Pedro Uribe

Surfer, surf instructor & surf coach with a habit for big barrels, chasing adrenaline and living his freedom with a rebellious twist. Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Pedro lives in Playa Hermosa (Santa Teresa), Costa Rica. When he's not in the ocean, you'll find him playing guitar, star-gazing on the beach, teaching his daughter to surf and skateboard, and catalyzing the conciousness revolution. 

Pedro created Rebel Surf School to share his passion for the sea and help aspiring surfers expand their horizons, overcome fear and step out of their everyday comfort zones to explore a world where the real magic happens. 

Connect with Pedro to design a custom surf trip in Costa Rica, book a surf lesson or week-long surf camp, or take your surfing to the next level with a one-on-one surf coaching session.