REVIVE RETREATS are a space for personal transformation toward collective planetary evolution. Join a select group of like-minded souls on a journey designed to expand your horizons, deepen into the divine wisdom within your heart, and support you toward living the fullest expression of your most authentic self.

REVIVE RETREATS are for the brave of spirit who wish to embrace their inner gifts for the greater good, recognizing that playing small is no longer an option for the change we wish to see in the world. Step into your wildest integrity, find the power within to live your dreams, and connect with others committed to personal and global transformation.

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Upcoming Retreats


Surf + Yoga + Sustainable Living Retreat

June 4-9, 2019 ^ Indonesia

REGENERATION is an invitation into sustainable living with people who walk their talk, in a place created with the Earth and local community in mind.  

The collective wellbeing of our more-than-human Earth community calls on all of us to do our part – now, more than ever. Sustainability in the Western sense of the word isn’t enough. If we want to live well, in harmony with the planet and her people, we need to transform our worlds from the inside-out.

In this immersive retreat, you will: 

  • Learn the tenets of permaculture design, community economies, and deep ecology with hands-on experiential learning.

  • Embody the art of regenerative living practices.

  • Align your everyday life with greater Earth consciousness.

  • Deepen your commitment to being the change you wish to see in the world.

  • Recalibrate your lifestyle rhythm in integrity with the wellbeing of people and planet.

  • Adventure into pristine jungle off the beaten path - far, far away from the crowd.  

On retreat in tropical surf paradise, we’ll rise with the sun for a morning Hatha Yoga practice in the open-air shala with a view to the sea. A perfect right-hand reef break awaits our surf-hungry bones, just steps and a few invigorating paddle strokes from the shore below. Indulge in the farm-to-table delicacy of foods grown organically on-site, made by loving hands in the outdoor kitchen. We’ll gather for educational workshops and get our hands dirty in some permaculture farming. Take the afternoon to rest, write and reflect, or journey by boat to another nearby surf break.  

Your Surf + Yoga + Sustainable Living adventure awaits.

REGENERATION is an intensive immersion retreat limited to 6 conscientious humans ready and willing to step into the ideals and practices of living sustainably with the Earth we call home.   

Retreat Location

Ngalung Kalla ^ Indonesia

Permaculture Farm and Eco-Retreat

Situated on the southwest coast of the island of Sumba, spanning 250 hectares of oceanfront and cliffside adventures, Ngalung Kalla caters to the discerning traveler mindful of living lightly on the land, eager to get off the beaten path and into an adventure with just enough raw luxury to indulge the senses. The retreat features beautiful bamboo bungalows, an oceanfront restaurant serving farm-to-table and delicious locally sourced foods, an open-air yoga shala, breathtaking beaches with excellent surfing waves just steps from where you sleep, and a magnificent infinity pool for a stunning sunset dip.    

Ngalung Kalla is a family-run and community minded affair with fifteen years of experience on the island, built in alignment with the three tenants of Permaculture: Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share.  

Your all-inclusive retreat experience features:

  • 5 nights + 6 days oceanfront accommodations in semi-private bamboo bungalow

  • All gourmet meals made with local, organic and on-site farm-to-table ingredients catering to all dietary needs

  • Daily boat rides to access the best uncrowded surf breaks on the island

  • Daily Hatha Yoga classes in the open-air jungle shala with a view to the sea

  • Daily experiential workshop sessions on sustainable living, community economies, deep ecology and permaculture practices

  • Empathic sustainability coaching to align your lifestyle integrity with your personal sustainability values

  • Shiatsu Spa Massage

  • Surf board rentals and equipment, as needed

  • Return transfers to the resort from the Waikabubak (TMC) Tambolaka Airport in Sumba

All taxes (10%) and service fees (11%) included.

*Surfers and non-surfers of all experience levels welcome!

Cost per person: $1765 USD

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Past Retreats


Immersion: Surf + Yoga + Writing Retreat for Women

March 5 - 10, 2019 ~ Playa Hermosa (Santa Teresa) Costa Rica

Cultivate your inner artist. Connect with your most authentic self. Create from the divine feminine power within. Gift yourself the self-empowering space to shed old stories that no longer serve you. Develop the confidence and courage you need to write yourself anew.

Collage power of story.jpg

“This retreat gave me light, faith, and it showed me that I'm not alone on this path. That there are more people having the same fight, the same dreams, the same love for freedom, for living this one life and making the best of it. That we are all together in this. It gave me the opportunity to meet amazing souls - sisters - who I'll never forget, and from each of them I learned something, I received something positive, one shared passion. It reminded me that I have to keep fighting for my beliefs, and my dreams. To never settle or surrender. That there's always light at the end. It taught me to trust.” 

— Stephanie Fuentes, Puerto Rico

IMMERSION 2019 is a transformative retreat designed to help you deep-dive into your personal blocks and clear creative space to feel confident and courageous in sharing your important stories with the world. This is a unique offering for aspiring writers on the brink of getting down to business and finally putting pen to paper. The cathartic process of writing our stories is the most terrifying, most healing, and most gratifying work we can do – for ourselves and for others whose lives can be touched by our words. You know your story matters. IMMERSION is the supportive space you need to get out of your own way, find your authentic voice, and access your deepest state of creative flow.

This retreat is a one-of-a-kind offering with limited space available to ensure intimacy and depth of experience. If the writer’s path speaks to you, and you’re ready to do the work to make your writing dreams come true, I can’t wait to welcome you, share with you, and support you toward living the infinite possibilities of your divine creativity.

Retreat includes:

  • 5 nights + 6 days beachfront bungalow accommodations.

  • Professional yoga, meditation, and surf instruction for all experience levels.

  • Daily writing workshops, journal prompts and story-sharing sessions.

  • One-on-one private empathy coaching session.

  • Therapeutic massage on the beach.

  • All healthy, gourmet meals with local and organic foods.

Space limited to 7 women.

$1495 all-inclusive.  

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“My favorite part of the retreat were the writing prompts, and the support that went in hand with that. Having the space in a supportive and nurturing environment to go inwards with the help of Tara's facilitation and prompts was a real luxury and important learning experience for my own personal growth.”  — Christina Baldwin, England

collage power of story2.jpg


REVIVE SURF TRIPS awaken the spirit of learning in community conversation and exposure to a side of surf travel we often take for granted. As a different sort of surf trip, we deepen into a conscientious awareness of the impact of tourism and development on places and people, exploring alternatives that honor nature, economy, and culture, while reflecting on and re-imagining our roles as surfers and human travelers. 

Our experience of culture is not a spectator sport. We surf world-class waves and secret spots, provide surf lessons and individualized coaching, facilitate group learning activities with experienced teachers and local practitioners, walk peaceful beaches, and share the waters with our neighbors - as we join in ways that honor local people and provide heartfelt interpersonal exchange.

REVIVE is designed for conscientious surf travelers AND non-surfers who know that in living from the heart, we receive gifts for the spirit. REVIVE takes special care to introduce you to quality places, waves, beaches, waterways, food and fun, customized for sustainability and learning. Our leaders and hosts are chosen for their intimate knowledge of surf, food, sustainability, culture and wellness. We have established long-standing relations with the communities we visit, and prioritize local service providers along the journey.

Catering to ALL levels of surfing - from beginners to advanced - we offer custom surf trips for individuals, couples, families and groups - helping you design an all-inclusive journey that fits your unique surfing style, learning desires and sustainability priorities. 

Inquire today to begin planning your custom surf trip to Costa Rica. We'll take care of the rest.