Santa Teresa

SUSPIRO: Sustainable Tourism Solutions for Coastal Communities in Surfing Destinations

SUSPIRO's sustainable surf tourism model offers an innovative approach to community-led alternatives to development and coastal management in surf tourism destinations.

Employing an inclusive, community-driven and assets-based methodology, SUSPIRO works with local people to strengthen social and ecological wellbeing, fortify local economies, prevent overdevelopment, subvert neocolonial power dynamics, co-create sustainable community projects
and develop locally self-determined management frameworks by facilitating dialogue and action across social sectors.

In affiliation with the Community Economies Research Network, SUSPIRO offers the first comprehensive process for implementing locally determined sustainability practices, strengthening alternatives to development in surfing destinations, and centering local community members' perspectives and objectives on conservation and sustainability in the places they call home.

We are raising funds to launch our pilot project with the community of Playa Hermosa (Santa Teresa), Costa Rica. Specifically, your contributions directly support the salaries of six local team members in Playa Hermosa, who will serve as SUSPIRO project leaders in vital collaboration with the wider community.

Your support contributes to the long-term social and natural wellbeing of the Playa Hermosa community, and is a vote of confidence toward our shared vision that a sustainable future for global surf tourism is indeed possible!

Following our pilot program, SUSPIRO will continue working toward sustainable solutions in surfing destinations throughout Central America and Southeast Asia.

To learn more or contribute to SUSPIRO's work, contact Tara today.