SUSPIRO: Sustainable Tourism Solutions for Coastal Communities in Surfing Destinations

SUSPIRO's sustainable surf tourism model is an innovative experiment in the possibility of community-led alternatives to development and coastal tourism management. Where status quo attempts at regulation reproduce capitalist privilege, environmental exploitation and social injustice, SUSPIRO shifts the discussion toward community tourism governance and assets-based sustainability. Employing an inclusive, community-driven methodology, SUSPIRO works alongside local people to subvert neocolonial power dynamics, co-create sustainable community projects and develop self-determined regulatory frameworks by facilitating dialogue and action across social sectors. 

In affiliation with the Community Economies Research Network, SUSPIRO offers the first comprehensive process for locally determined sustainability criteria and alternatives to development in surfing tourism destinations, centering local community members' perspectives in the places they call home.

To learn more or contribute to SUSPIRO's work, contact Tara today.