Empathic Coaching + Sustainability Consulting

how can we envision and create sustainable lives in harmony with nature and human wellbeing to transform harmful patterns of over-consumption, environmental pollution and social exploitation?

at Tarantula Surf, we believe sustainability is built on leveraging existing assets, learning from one another and the natural world, strengthening relationships of solidarity and mutual support, deepening Earth consciousness, and honoring our unique skills as gifts to be shared for collective benefit.  

Tarantula Surf offers empathic coaching and sustainability consulting for individuals, organizations, families, social businesses and communities.

our strategy: we ask the right questions to awaken consciousness, deepen awareness and help you design homegrown solutions to personal and planetary challenges by thinking outside the box and seeing the world from a different perspective.

there is no blue-print for sustainability - we help you explore the possibilities already within your reach.

together we can create a more harmonious, inspiring world.

coach and consultant Tara Ruttenberg is a teacher, group facilitator and PhD Candidate in Sustainable Development. Her work explores wellbeing economics and sustainable alternatives to economic development in coastal communities affected by surfing tourism.

An empath by nature, Tara has worked as a facilitator and trainer in non-violent communication since 2008, and has received extensive ongoing training in compassionate communication for nearly a decade. 

contact Tara to schedule your free 20-minute consult or introductory coaching session today.