endless possibilities

by Veronica Entwistle


How do the endless possibilities,

those waves of option,

keep moving through my prime,

onto endless primes of my life?

Splashing through childyears,

racing, laughing,

hormones yearning

through the angst of my teens,

into fractured and fracturing optimism

of the 20’s tearing terrors;

of my 30’s wombing hearts and souls

to plateaus of the forties,

scanning horizons for my own dharmic niche.

Songs of settling ripened my 50’s,

as I tossed dreams into bins

for green,



has-been dreams;

new dreams,

fuel for new primes of my being,

wrapping themselves around my core,

few penetrating its sacred space.

Always surfing.

Waves of change,

inimitable white waters

frothing possibility

burst my heart

and my mind

with the igniting luminescence

of beyond.

Veronica Entwistle is an intuitive, energy counselor and host of radio shows Paradigm Shifters and Radiance by Design, exploring new humanities in developing their radiant energy toward self- and social transformation.